Every day the maximum number of bicycles that can be carried on board of the tram is 4, no reservation required.
If there are more than 4 bikes at the stop, the first 4 bikes arrived at the stop can go on board.

On Saturday, Sunday and holidays groups consisting of more than 4 bikes can use the service upon previous reservation (up to 10 bikes), by making a phone call to the TEB number 035 3692351 at least three days before. If there are already other bikes at the stop – besides the 10 bikes already booked – only the 4 ones permitted by the regulation can be added, reaching a maximum of 14 bikes per ride.

Bicycles may not be transported at weekdays during rush hours (6: 20-8: 40, 12:30 p.m.-2: 30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. -7: 00 p.m.) or in other cases of special turnout.

Every cyclist can bring only one bike and must pay for one ticket more corresponding to the selected route.

Read the full Regolamento for bicycles transportation.


All along the route there are also several pedestrian and cycle lanes realized by TEB in partnership with the Province administration and the interested Municipalities:

  • from “Bianzana” stop to “Borgo Palazzo” stop, and from here to via David (Bergamo)
  • from via Martinella (Bergamo) to via Colombera (Torre Boldone)
  • from “Ranica” stop to via Viandasso (Ranica)
  • from “Nembro Camozzi”stop to “Nembro Centro” and from the Cemetery to via Crespi (Nembro), from “Pradalunga” stop to the centre of the village