With the same ticket, you can travel on tram, bus and funicular ATB and TEB, over the indicated validity period.
Please remember that both single and multiple tickets:

  • must be validated right after getting on board
  • are not transferable
  • can be purchased on board, at the automatic vending machines located all along the route, at the ticket sales point or using ATB Mobile app 

Click on Start Fare Calculation to know which kind of ticket you have to purchase, selecting the departure stop and the destination stop.


If you travel with ATB and TEB more than twice a week, subscription is the best solution for you!
With a subscription, you can travel anytime you like within the selected zone, also using different routes. Every ATB subscription always comes with a b-card, the identification card which lasts for three years and must be required at ATB Point, at the Bus Station ticket office or online.
Find more about every benefit of ATB subscriptions.


Atalanta football team subscribers and owners of a single football game ticket, can travel for free throughout the entire ATB and TEB network during home matches 2017-2018.


ATB System is the tariff system in force throughout the municipalities served by ATB and TEB routes. It allows customers to travel with the same ticket on ATB facilities, TEB bergamo-Albino trams and funiculars.

In order to travel with T1 Line Bergamo-Albino and the lines SAAB S20d Nembro- Viana- Alzano, S30a Albino SAB-Perola and S30c Albino- Vall'Alta- Casale, passengers must exclusively use ATB tickets

This rule also applies to passengers coming from the suburban area (any location outside the Urban Area served by ATB and TEB).

SAB travel documents must also be used (after validating one more time on board of the tram, in the space dedicated to the second validation) by passengers coming from or going to:

  • Any place in Seriana Valley North of Albino
  • Pradalunga, when using line S30d Gazzaniga – Albino – Pradalunga – Alzano Lombardo.

The line interexchange can be done only at the Alzano Centro stop. Otherwise, passengers will be subject to the penalties provided for in the applicable regulations.