Passengers traveling with TEB must purchase a valid ticket that is suitable for the selected route before getting on board, validate it right off and keep it until the end of the journey. The validity period of each ticket activates with the validation and expires at the indicated deadline. Any passenger traveling with an expired ticket who wants to make a new trip or completing an ongoing one must validate a new ticket.
Any anomaly in validation or malfunction in the stamping machine must be reported to the driver.
Validated tickets are personal and are not transferable.
Tickets, 10-trips multiple tickets and weekly subscriptions must be validated at first use. Electronic ticket available on ATB Mobile App must be purchased before getting on board.
Art. 46 L.R. n. 6 of 4 April 2012, as amended by L.R. No.18 of 9 December 2013.


Travelers without a ticket, with a non-validated, unsuitable or expired ticket are subject to payment of an administrative penalty.
Travelers are required to show the travel document at the request of the inspection staff and, in case of irregularities, to submit a valid identity card for the completion of the assessment report. The inspection staff, as a public official, can also seize irregular travel documents.
Travelers who do not comply with the rules of this regulation are subject sanctions aw well.


For every adult, one child shorter than one metre can travel for free. Free transportation of baby carriages or strollers is permitted. The adult is responsible for surveillance throughout the trip.


Passengers with limited mobility on a wheelchair, once on-boarded, will take care of placing themselves in the specially equipped spaces, of activating the specific safety devices and calling the stop by means of the appropriate warning button.


It is permitted the free transportation of a small dog, wearing a muzzle and leash and held in the arms so as not to injure nor harass travellers.
The transport of other animals is only allowed if these are housed in containers no larger than 50x30x30 cm, preventing, in any case, the contact with passengers. Moreover, it is permitted the transportation of a medium-size dog, after the purchase and validation of a ticket corresponding to the chosen travel mode, provided it has a muzzle and a leash. Large-size dogs (or otherwise dangerous to the safety of passengers) cannot be transported. Guide dogs for blind people are eligible for free transportation regardless of size and even if they do not wear a muzzle.
It is the owner’s care to prevent the animal from getting dirty, deteriorating or damaging the travellers. The transport of animals, except guide dogs, may be refused if it does not meet the above-mentioned conditions of transport, or in the case of tram crowding.


Each passenger can freely carry any objects whose dimensions do not exceed cm 20x40x60, or a limited-size musical instrument. For more items or larger sizes, up to 40x80x120 cm, you need to pay an extra ticket for each item. It is forbidden to carry objects larger than 40x80x120 cm, weapons, flammable, explosive, smelly or otherwise hazardous goods.


Bicycles can be carried on board, after purchasing and validating a ticket corresponding to the selected travel type, up to 4 bikes for each tram. The owner must place the bicycle correctly, in such a way as not to constitute any obstruction or disruption to travellers, in correspondence with the left doors with respect to the travel direction, excluding the end doors.
It is forbidden to transport bicycles in peak hours, i.e. from 6.20 a.m. to 8.40 a.m., from 12.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. and from 5.30 p.m. to 07.00 p.m.
Staff can give the owner specific instructions on bicycle accommodation; the staff is not required to cooperate with the loading and accommodation of the bicycle. In any case, the owner is responsible for any damage caused by the bicycle to things, persons or to the tram, even in case of abrupt braking, and also during loading and unloading operations. For further information, please refer to the explanatory posters "Cycling by tram".


The agents and officers of the Law Enforcement, including local police, whose specific laws or regulations give them public security functions, can freely circulate on the vehicles of TEB,
provided that they always introduce themselves to the staff by showing identification card, indicating where they're headed and providing assistance when necessary.
In particular, representatives of the following bodies can circulate:

a) State Police e) Forestry Guards
b) Italian finance police f) Firefighters
c) Carabinieri, throughout the municipalities where the tramway travels g) Local police in service
d) State correction officers h) Province police

Memorandum of Understanding approved by D. G. R. n. X / 3054 of January 23, 2015 in reference to the provisions of art. 45 c.3 of the L.R. April 4, 2012, n. 6.


Passengers traveling on tram must:

a) have a respectful attitude towards other passengers and service personnel and, in general, not harm any device on board;
b) After validating the ticket, move to the center of the car in order not to obstruct the ascent and descent to the other passengers;
c) use the security supports;
d) comply with the instructions given by the service personnel in case of operational problems;
e) ask for information to the driver only when the tram stops;
f) occupy only one seat.

Moreover, it is strictly forbidden:

a) to access to the cockpit;
b) to operate, except in cases of danger, the alarm signals and the doors opening emergency controls (Article 26 of DPR 753/80);
c) to transit with cars or motorcycles along the quay stop;
d) to exceed the limit indicated by the yellow stripe on the pavement flooring.

Failure to comply with the provisions of this article and those relating to the previous art.3 excludes any liability of the company in the event of an accident occurred to the passenger during the journey.


Smoking is forbidden on board of TEB vehicles.


Objects found can be picked up by appointment at TEB headquarters in Ranica, via Tezze s.n., Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 4 pm. For appointments and information, on the same days and the same times, the phone numbers 035 3692351 - 035 3692351 are available. 


The traveller who intends to make requests, suggestions, proposals or submissions may:

  1. write to the following address: TEB SpA - Via Tezze s.n. - 24020 Ranica (BG)

Call ATB Point 035.236026 or write an e-mail to [email protected].

For any information regarding the safety and transport rules of animals, items and more, please read the complete regulations.