T1 Line Bergamo – Albino connects the city centre with Seriana Valley in 16 stops and goes through the municipalities of Bergamo, Torre Boldone, Ranica, Alzano Lombardo, Nembro and Albino. This territory is full of interesting places to visit, displaying artistic, cultural and naturalistic beauties, which can be easily accessible from the tram stops.

Come visit the museums, the historic palaces, the cycle lanes, the mountain trails, the local fairs, the markets and the festivals all along the tramway route.

- select a stop

- view the point of interest on the map, divided into Arts and culture - Nature and sport - Events

- click on the map or the card to see all the details of the selected point of interest

- see the full record of all the information on the history of the location, the artistic details, the position or the time needed to reach it on foot or by bicycle from the tram stop

-integrate your itinerary by reading all travel information on timetables, ticket sales points, parking lots, interchange lines with other public transport facilities.

Every point of interest was selected by the Municipalities located all along the tramway route.