Points of Interest

    Points of interest near the stop BG Borgo Palazzo

    Bus exchange

    • ATB
      • Linea 7 Servizio solo feriale: Celadina - Valtesse - Ponteranica - Sorisole
      • Linea 8 Seriate - Loreto - Curno (solo festivo) - Mozzo (solo festivo) - Ponte S. Pietro - Briolo (solo festivo) - Locate (solo festivo)
      • Linea C Ospedale - Porta Nuova - piazza Libertà - piazzale Oberdan - Don orione - Cimitero - Clementina (solo feriale)

    Where to buy tickets

    ATB tickets are sold on board, at automatic ticket machines along the line, at licensed resellers and by means of the ATB Mobile app.
    Click “Calculate fare” in order to know which is the ticket to buy, selecting the departure and the arrival of your trip.

    • Rivendita Tabacchi Via Borgo Palazzo, 82/C - Bergamo

      Closing: sunday

    • Edicola Via Borgo Palazzo, 100 - 24125 Bergamo

      Closing: sunday afternoon