TEB was founded in 2000 by the Bergamo Municipality and Bergamo Province Administration. Today, the Company is owned 55% by ATB Mobility (wholly owned by the City of Bergamo), 40% by the Province of Bergamo, and 5% by the Chamber of Commerce.
The making of the T1 tramway line costed approximately 150 million euros, including 30 million euros for rolling stock, financed by the State (48.4%), the Region (19.5%), investment partners (25.3%) and TEB (6.9%).

The Board of Directors consists of President Filippo Simonetti, Managing Director Gianni Scarfone and advisors Marta Cicolari, Anna Donadoni, Elio Moschini. Board of Auditors consists of the President Alberto Manaresi, by Acting Auditors Delia Rielli and Cristian Morosini, and Deputy Statutory Auditors Linda Garzillo and Giuseppe Castelletti.


When it was first opened in 1886, the railway line T1 connected Bergamo to Albino.
One year late, its track was prolonged to Pone Selva, thus reaching 34 km.

Twenty years later, in 1906, also the stretch connecting Bergamo to San Pellegrino opened. This line was prolonged, as well, several times. In 1926 it managed to reach the village of Piazza Brembana (formerly called San Martino de’ Calvi), overcoming the 40 km in length.

At the end of the Fifties, the area experienced a progressive increase in the use of private cars, which travellers preferred to public transport because they have now made them safe and convenient. After this phenomenon, after the mid-60s, the activity of both lines of Ferrovie delle Valli (Railways of the Valleys) was suspended.

After the service interruption, the railway ground remained a State’s property, but it was transferred to the Province after some parliamentary provisions during the years 1992-1993. The mail goal was entrusting the Province institutions the realization of a new tramway line. 

Back in 2000, Bergamo City and the Province of Bergamo founded TEB Spa, aiming to finish this project reusing the old railway ground. Work overcame various obstacles, mainly due to the change of some structural rules and the long period in which the infrastructures had not been used. They ended in April 2009, with the inauguration of the Bergamo-Albino T1 line.

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