From TEB railway terminal going towards via Sant’Anna you can get to via Mazzini, in the heart of Albino’s old centre, retracing the steps of the renowned Renaissance painter Giovan Battista Morini.
The itinerary dedicated to this artist features a special system of signs with panels located on the most interesting buildings, with a QR-code referring to in-depth information files for each religious and civic building. 

Here are the most significant buildings to visit: Sant’Anna Church, built on the ancient convent of Sant’Anna, the XV Century Church of San Bartolomeo, the Prepositural Church of S. Giuliano Martire, the town’s picture gallery holding Giovan Battista Moroni’s religious masterpieces, and the Sanctuary of Madonna del Pianto.

Reference stop:

Distance: 1 KM
Extimated time:
  • 60 min.
  • 120 min.
How to reach Albino città del Moroni. Percorso nel Centro storico

 To reach San Bartolomeo Church and the historic center of Albino, it is advisable to click on the following  virtual tour is available:

The whole itinerary can be accomplished in 2 hours on foot, and 1 hour by bike.


Points of Interest