This villa was first built as a country house (or maybe as a fortress) and it still features the typical elements of a XVIII Century Summer country house: barns, cellars and stable all around a lovely yard, and an ancient farmstead with portico and loggia decorated with the remains of medieval religious frescoes.

The Palace was renovated between 1855 and 1858 by the Architect Giacomo Bianconi, who decided to keep a “basic” façade in sharp contrast to the lavish interiors. On the ground floor, the halls feature groin vaulted ceilings with drape-shaped decorations made by Scrosati, precious gems, medallions with human figures or genre scenes, frames with bucolic landscapes, musical instruments and putti. 

Many items, furniture and portraits dating back to different historical period belong to the Finardi Family, which still lives in this beautiful Villa surrounded by a wide park with old trees.

Reference stop:
BG Bianzana

Distance: 0,650 KM
Extimated time:
  • 2 min.
  • 9 min.
How to reach Villa Grismondi Finardi

Proceed along via Bianzana, turn left onto via Corridoni, take the pedestrian crossing parallel to Piazzale Ponziano Loverini, continue along via Lesbia Cidonia.

Turn right onto via Vezza D'Oglio and continue along via Volturno to the house number 14.

Points of Interest