The itinerary starts from the old Church of Cornale (378 m), near Pradalunga.
You follow the CAI 539 track across the woods, then you continue till you get to the “Pradolt”, a beautiful meadow with ancient chestnut trees. Here you will find Baita Pratolina lodge, with was recently restored by the GAF (Alpine Group from Forcella di Pradalunga), and offers refreshment to anyone who wants to go for an excursion (please ask for information in advance).
First you have to go up an easy mule track, then you must follow a track across a chestnuts and birch trees forest, till you reach the trail that's climbs from Forcella.
Eventually, after one last steep stretch you can get to the meadows of mount Misma (1160 m). 

The mountain top represents the frontier among the territories of Albino, Pradalunga and Cenate Sopra. This area was particularly popular during the XIX Century, due to the mining activity of “coti” stones and concrete, which led to the development of the territory, but also spoiled the mountain irreparably.

Today, in the so-called “Valle dei Prigionieri” (“Prisoners’ Valley”) located above the Forcella Sanctuary, it is possible to find some huge loads of “Roère”, the wastes of the processing of these stones: this kind of activity ended in the last century, when coti stones fell into desuetude along with their processing.

Reference stop:

Distance: 7 KM
Extimated time:
  • 190 min.
How to reach Baita Pratolina e Monte Misma

From Nembro Centro TEB top, walk along Via Marconi downhill till the bridge on the river Serio. Cross the bridge and turn left onto via Gritti, direction Pradalunga. At the intersection, go up along via Don Minelli until the crossroad between via S. Fermo and via S. Lucia.
Take via S. Lucia and walk until the Old Church (Chiesa Vecchia).
On the left, take the CAI 539 track and continue for 5 km more across woods and clearings.
Starting altitude (m.): 382 Arrival Altitude (m.): 1160

Points of Interest