Originally, the tower was designed by Marcello Piacentini as a civic tower dedicated to Victory. However, it became a memorial monument commemorating those who fell in battle during World War I: it was inaugurated on October 27th 1924, in presence of Benito Mussolini. Outside, we can see a clock surrounded by four mascarons representing the winds. Under that, you can see a bronze statue of the Victorious Italy, while some putti hold the symbol of the city along with the portraits of Admiral P.T. de Revel and General A. Diaz. The original bells – dating back to 1923 - were seized by the State in 1941: eventually, they were replaced in 1948. On the first floor, you can visit the World War I memorial monument: the names of the victims are carved in gold on the walls. In the middle of the room stands the bust of A. Locatelli. Climbing up the five floors it is possible to learn more about the evolution of the city centre. Originally, this was the place where the annual Sant’Alessandro Fair used to take place: as time went by, it became the modern administrative and commercial centre. Over the XX Century, the Tower became – along with Porta Nuova – one of the reference points for any kind of event or political, military and union ceremonies, thus reaffirming its importance and its symbolic meaning in this particular area.

Adapted from: Fondazione Bergamo nella Storia

Reference stop:
Bergamo FS

Distance: 0,800 KM
Extimated time:
  • 5 min.
  • 11 min.
How to reach Torre dei Caduti

From Piazzale Marconi, walk towards via B. Bono and turn left. Turn right onto viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, then continue on Largo G. Gavazzeni. Take viale Roma: the Tower is on your left.

Points of Interest