The Palazzo currently houses the village’s Town Hall. The L-shaped layout is the result of the rearrangement carried out by the Count Giovan Battista Pelliccioli del Portone during the second half of the XVIII Century.
Afterwards, the building underwent several enlargements and changes, ordered by the Zanche family in the early XX Century and by the Pesenti family, the concrete industrialists.
Since 1957, it belongs to the Administration of Alzano. The interiors are decorated with outstanding frescoes, especially in the Hall of Honour (the current council chamber) which features a masterpiece painted by Domenico Ghislandi.
The fresco shows tromp l’oeil elements and iconographic representations celebrating the patron’s family.
The staircase vault is decorated with the Abduction of Ganymede. In the other halls you can admire the portraits of the Virtures, landscapes and faux architectures. Moreover, other spaces feature beautiful ceilings decorated in neoclassical style.
Today, part of the ancient and wide garden can also be visited, with the “rocaille-style” cave, the fountain and several majestic trees.

Reference stop:
Alzano Centro

Distance: 0,100 KM
Extimated time:
  • 0,5 min.
  • 1 min.
How to reach Palazzo Pelliccioli del Portone

Walk along via Ribolla (f.k.a. Viale della Stazione).
At the end of the avenue, go up hill, where the recently renovated statue of the XVIII Century Statue of Our Lady of Sorrows is located. 

Points of Interest