It is the most significant palazzo of the town, located in via Mazzini (f.k.a. Località Costa), near San Martino Basilica. The original building dates back to the XVI Century: afterwards, it was enlarged and renovated by the Berlendis Family during the mid-XVII Century, when it became a wide palazzo with a lovely internal courtyard and a lavish façade, decorated with frames and sculptures in Sarnico stone.
In the early XIX Century, the Palace was purchased by the Pelandi Family and renovated according to the new neoclassic style. You can now admire the lovely façade overlooking the rooftop garden, designed by Simone Elia, as well as de main hall decorations and the other rooms.
During the first years of XX Century, Carlo Pesenti lived here. Over this period, the first floor hall and a few small rooms were decorated with floral patterns according to the new Liberty style (Italian art nouveau).
The master apartment still belongs to the Pelandis, while the spaces on the ground floor belong to the City of Alzano and currently host de headquarters of several association and Alzano Lombardo Tourism Board. 

Reference stop:
Alzano Centro

Distance: 0,5 KM
Extimated time:
  • 2 min.
  • 5 min.
How to reach Palazzo Pelandi già Berlendis

The site can be reached by walking along via Ribolla up to Piazza Garibaldi. Afterwards, take via Mazzini towards Piazza Italia. You will find Palazzo Barzizza on your way, featuring a beautiful portal and balcony, and the Memorial Monument dedicated to the Fallen of World War II.

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