The Convent of Santa Maria della Pace, an outstanding example of the Franciscan presence in Bergamo’s territory, was built in 1520 in the outskirts of Alzano Maggiore. The convent played a major role and also hosted the renowned painting by Giovanni Bellini called “Madonna di Alzano”, currently exhibited at Accademia Carrara picture gallery.

Today, in the main cloister you can admire a wall sundial and two extremely rare reflection sundials painted on the portico’s vaults, which used to work by means of some mirrors hanging on the arches. This objects were made by the Franciscan friar Fra Domenico, Coronelli’s pupil, during the mid XVIII Century. The interiors host the wood altar made by the Canianas (1740), as well as several canvas and “sculpted paintings” on each side of the main altar, the ancient (and still working) organ and the wonderful wall painting on the presbytery’s vault: it is one of the few examples of Gothic Revival style, painted by Salvatoni da Gandino approximately in 1835.

After being shut down during Napoleon’s age, the convent became a hospital called Ospedale degli Incurabili and it is currently part of the Pesenti-Fenaroli Hospital, built in 1936. 

Reference stop:
Alzano Centro

Distance: 0,200 KM
Extimated time:
  • 2 min.
  • 5 min.
How to reach Ex convento di Santa Maria della Pace

The ex-convent can be reached by walking along via Ribolla up to Piazza Garibaldi. Afterwards, go onto via Mazzini westwards, until you cross via Martino Zanchi, the street where the ancient entrance to the convent and the church is located. 

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