The Park of Via Conciliazione is located East of the old centre and it is delimited by the Valleys Tramway. It covers a surface of approximately 1.000 square meters and was realized between 2003 and 2006. It is an open and free space with no fences: you can cross it and enjoy it anytime you want in every season of the year. Moreover, it features autochthonous tree species, water streams, rocks and stones. 

Inside the park there are also specific areas: for instance, the party area, several fields for football, basketball, volleyball, a skating area, a playground and a pavilion housing a bar and the restroom. 

Thanks to its sports and recreation park, the village of Ranica won the environment-themed award “La città per il verde 2009” (for the second category: Municipalities from 5.000 to 15.000 inhabitants) organized by “Il Verde Editoriale”.


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How to reach Parco di Via Conciliazione

The tram stop is next to the park.

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