The parish church dedicated to the Seven Brothers Martyrs and their Mother Saint Felicitas replaced the older church dating back to the year 1524, whose sole remaining part is a piece of the belfry, renovated in 1934.
The building works of the new church began in 1783, following the project by the architect Giacomo Caniana (1750-1790) - the niece of the renowned architect Giovan Battista Caniana – and were carried out in 1801 by Simone Elia, another architect born in Ranica and Leopoldo Pollak’s pupil, who changed a few features of the original plan.
On the inside, you can admire some very precious masterpieces, including the decorations realized by the Milan-based artist Francesco Comerio (1747-1827) representing histories, figures and religious allegories. Moreover, it is also possible to see some outstanding paintings, including two pieces by Giovanbattista Moroni (1524 circa- 1578), the “Baptism of Christ” – a polyptych with 5 compartments – and “Crucified Christ with Saints”. Among the other art pieces decorating the Church’s interiors, you can also admire the “Deposition of Christ “ by Gian Paolo Cavagna (1556 -1627), which already belonged to the older Church, the “Seven Brothers Martyrdom” by Francesco Coghetti (1802 – 1876) and “Virgin Mary singled out by Saint John” by Carlo Ceresa (1609 – 1679).

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Distance: 0,7 KM
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  • 3 min.
  • 9 min.
How to reach Chiesa dei Santi Sette Fratelli Martiri

Itinerary across Ranica

  • Continue on: Via Conciliazione
  • Turn right on: Via Conciliazione
  • Turn left: SP38 / Via Viandasso
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit: Via Gioacchino Zopfi
  • Continue on: Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit: Via Santi Sette Fratelli Martiri

Points of Interest